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Class of 1970Are you in this picture? Let me know! (Click on the photo for a larger image.)

*Thanks to these *classmates* for checking in. So great to hear from you!*

The real HR Class of '70 reunion is only a few days away. The names in bold in our class list below have said they will be there.

DATE: Saturday, July 17, 2010
TIME: 6:30 p.m.-10:30p.m. (if anyone is still standing, we can invade someplace else afterward)
LOCATION: Prime Time School (formerly Holy Rosary School)
STREET: 40 Edgewater Place
TOWN: Edgewater, NJ
COST: $25 per person (includes $10 per head rental to school and any edibles; any remaining monies after deducting expenses will be donated to Holy Rosary Church). Contact Celine if you can pay upfront: celinemclaughlin@gmail.com. Otherwise, we'll deal with the chaos of pay-at-the-door.
BEVERAGE: Some water, seltzer, soda, wine and beer will be provided, but feel free to BYOB.
ALSO: Bring old photos, favorite music, embarrassing memories, unsatisfactory report cards....
THIS JUST IN: Reports of Kevin O'Neill's passing have been greatly exaggerated. Other classmates have resurrected him, so we can only be grateful for this hometown miracle!

AND CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER: Officer Tom Smith, at the tender age of (well, you know how old we all are), is the lawfully wedded husband of Pat Powers, Celine Lofgren McLaughlin's cousin. Feel the joy!

Rest in Peace
Judy Busch * Robin D'Anna * Perry DiBlasio * John Iovino *
Kenny Tansey
Judy Busch
Aline Carroll
Barbara Castrillon
Cheryl Castrillon
Marie Corrado
Robin D'Anna
Susan Devonshire
*Patty Durkin*
Gloria Figueroa
Shirlie Ann Finn
Teresa Finn
Jeanmarie Godette
*Kathy Henwood*
=*Lorraine Jurek*
Diane Lasher
*Jean Linardi*
*Celine Lofgren*
Kathy McGuirl
Mary McQuade
Amelia Menist
Marie Petrino
*Patricia Ritter*
Doreen Rymer
*Patty Schiess*
Frances Sickles
*Cheryl Solimini*
*Betsy Taylor*
Susan Traeger
*Carole Truax*

Sister Cecilia
Sister Phyllis
Sister Ann Patrice
Sister Julia Agnes
Mrs. De Queljo
Mrs. Barnes
Mrs. Butler
*Mr. Wisch*
Sister Agnes Paul
Miss Griffin

Mr. Morris (after my time)

Robert Allison
Thomas Behrens
Steven Bock
Daniel Buckley
Anthony Buddha
Robert Carney
*Kevin Cavanaugh*
Kevin Coyle
Michael Cristaldi
James Cunningham
Perry DiBlasio
*John Feller*
Thomas Foster
*Brian Fox*
Edward Gilde
John Gilmartin
John Iovino
Martin Kennedy
George Klein
Kenneth Martin
George Meagher
*Glenn Menist*
James Merse
Martin Mickler
Kevin O'Neill
*George Puzen*
*Joseph Klimaszewski*
*Thomas Smith*
Kenneth Tansey
Michael Tooker
Steven Tooker
Douglas Van Berkel
Thomas Walker
James Warden
Naum Joseph Zimick

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Blast From the Past


Class of 1965I've also heard from River Rats who never shared a Holy Rosary class with me, but did read Across the River and shared their own memories. Jackie (Birds) Schmidt, who was in eighth grade when I was in third, even sent a scanned copy of the 1965 Holy Rosary yearbook. (I didn't know the school had a yearbook...or a basketball team, cooking class or senior play.) Thank you, Jackie! Lots of familiar last names and a few familiar faces. (Lookin' good, Father Guterl!) You can see them, too, by clicking on the cover.